Landscape, Roadway and Common Area Committee September Update 2021

Landscape Update September 2021 – click to view

Landscape, Roadway and Common Area Committee Annual Meeting Update 2021

The Landscape Committee thanks the Board and Homeowners for your continued support. We hope that you appreciate the improvements that have been made over the last year and are being planned to make our community more attractive and enjoyable. Click here to view full update

Landscape, Roadway and Common Area Committee Holiday 2020

North Gate Wall Several years ago, this area was left purposely to grow naturally as we wanted to use it as a privacy barrier to the neighboring homes. Our plan was to eventually put a fence or wall, but it was determined that the other landscape refreshing was a higher priority in the immediate term.…

Landscape, Roadway and Common Area Committee Fall 2020

Citation Park received the planned updates with new trees, plants, and rocks. Ditch repairs to better control storm erosion which included adding and placing large rock on Allegheny/RV Storage road was completed. The Committee is still working towards building a wall along the north side of our north entrance to the Community. Land surveying and…

Landscape, Roadway and Common Area Committee Summer 2019

The stage 3 landscaping project led by Elite Landscaping and as discussed at the Feb POA meeting will be starting shortly. There has been a slight delay to start of the project because of shortages in rock due to in climate weather at the Nevada quarries. There will be rock delivered this week and the…

Information regarding The Refuge POA Landscaping Committee:

The Refuge POA landscape committee was formed in March 2017 and the volunteers are as follows.  The purpose of the landscape committee is to support the Refuge POA Board in ensuring that our common landscape areas are maintained and enhanced to supplement the visual beauty of our special community  The landscape committee supports and reports to the Refuge POA Board.  If you have any common area landscaping concerns please reach out to Amy Telnes  at (928) 505-1120 or one of the landscape committee volunteers.

Landscape Committee Volunteers:

Garry Roundy            619-977-0169

Jeff Jennings            248-240-2174

Mike Matlock            805-432-9917