The Design Review Committee reviews and approves all architectural and landscaping designs for The Association.  Amy Telnes, Association Manager serves as the committee secretary and is the contact person for routine DRC matters.  Her phone number is 928-505-1120.  The Design Review Committee meets the FIRST TUESDAY of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the office of Amy Telnes.

All plans to be reviewed must be received by the Association no later than 5:00 P.M. on the 25th of the each month prior to the next meeting.  This will allow the Committee Members to receive copies of plans for advance preview and properly prepare for the Meeting.

Please use the following Checklists to ensure everything required is contained on your plans before submitting:

CLICK HERE to view and print the Home Plan Checklist

CLICK HERE to view and print the Landscaping Plan Checklist

CLICK HERE to view the Exterior Color Change Form

Design Review Committee Members:

  • Robin Callaway, Chairman
  • Gary Pitchford
  • Peggy Delach
  • Dale Coalmer
  • Ben LaParne

Design Review Guidelines

Design Guideline Changes Adopted 11-22-2015

Design Guideline Changes Adopted 4-16-2016

New home building, remodeling of existing homes, and landscaping revisions are on the rise at The Refuge.  New construction, and exterior changes to the home or yard of any kind require pre- approval from The Design Review Committee.

The Design Review Committee is entrusted with the very important job of insuring that the Design Philosophy as outlined in The Refuge Design Guidelines is carried forward on each and every Lot in the Community.  The objectives of the Design Guidelines are to encourage excellence in architecture and landscaping, which will promote an image readily identifiable with a quality development, thereby maintaining enduring values and protecting the site.  Great care must be taken to preserve the rugged natural beauty intrinsic to his site, and to create harmony between design and nature.  It is important that Refuge Owners realize and respect that their homes represent a very visual part of the overall framework that composes the image of The Refuge.

Your Designer and Builder must be made aware of the following:

  • A topographic survey of the Lot and surroundings must be submitted with your first set of home plans.
  • Each Lot has an individual and unique site plan and building envelope.  The Building Envelope is that portion of the each home site within which all improvements, including structure, and covered patios must be located.  In all cases there is a Horizontal and Vertical Building Envelope.
  • Each Lot has individual and unique view corridors.
  • All plan revisions require pre-authorization from the Design Review Committee.  This means that if changes come about during construction that differ from the plans that were submitted and approved, the revisions must be reviewed by the Design Review Committee prior to implementing the changes.
  • Building masses must avoid uninterrupted vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • There must be detail and characterization on all sides of the home.
  • There are size specifications for flat roof and parapet areas.
  • Garages are not to detract from the setting or be the main focal point of a residence.  Garages must be integrated into the design of the structure to minimize its visual impact.
  • Casitas and Cabanas must be integrated into the overall building design and should be visually connected by walls, courtyards, roofs, or other major elements.
  • Solid wall restrictions and specifications are outlined in the Design Guidelines
  • Fence restrictions and specifications are outlined in the Design Guidelines and what is acceptable varies throughout the community.  If a fence is desired along the back of the property contiguous to the golf course, the fence color must be TAN.

Before submitting a new or revised landscaping plan to the Design Review Committee, please have your Designer and Landscaper read the Design Guidelines.   Your Designer and Landscaper must be made aware of the following:

  • Landscaping must be compatible with the existing desert surroundings, and sensitive to its fragile ecosystems.  PALM TREES ARE PROHIBITED because they are not native to the surrounding areas.
  • Within view corridors, TREES ARE PROHIBITED, and fully matured plant height must not exceed 4 feet in height.
  • Water must not flow onto adjacent lots.
  • There entire home site, (front, back, & side yards) must be landscaped and covered with plant material and landscape rock.
  • There is an approved plant list in the Design Guidelines that must be adhered to.

Any Refuge Owner that hires a Builder, Contractor, Landscaper, etc. must be aware that they are 100% responsible for each and every Tradesperson they bring into the Community.  These Trades People must be made aware of the following Construction Rules:

  • Contractor Hours:  Monday through Saturday from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

No work on Holidays

  • Contractors shall clean up all trash and debris from each work site at the end of each work day.
  • Contractors shall clean all dirt, rocks, & debris in the roadway and adjacent areas at the end of each work day
  • In new home construction an adequate and regularly serviced portable toilet shall be kept on the lot at all times.
  • Site Protection is required at all times.  Temporary fences must be installed on all projects where there is blowing of dust and construction debris.  Fence must remain intact at all times.
  • Contractors shall not use neighboring and adjacent Lots owned by others without the expressed written to do so before hand.  This means that without a Lot Owner’s permission, Lots cannot be parked on, walked on, driven on, or have items stored on them, or have items drug across them.  If this occurs, fines will be levied and the Owner who hired the person doing he damage to a Lot owned by others will be responsible for the fines and the Lot restoration charges.
  • Contractors shall not bring pets into The Refuge at any time.