Citation Park received the planned updates with new trees, plants, and rocks.

Ditch repairs to better control storm erosion which included adding and placing large rock on Allegheny/RV Storage road was completed.

The Committee is still working towards building a wall along the north side of our north entrance to the Community. Land surveying and engineering is required for the wall. Sunland and Associates has been hired to prepare a surveying, drainage, and hydrology report to assist us in the placement and design of the wall.

Ratliff Painting refurbished South Gate Entrance for us. The stucco was painted and the wood trim was stained.

In July, pre-emergent weed control was sprayed on our common areas by America’s Pest Control. The pre-emergent is scheduled for twice a year and will prevent the growth of weeds to more efficiently and effectively control the common area weeds. If you have a vacant lot, we strongly encourage you to also schedule pre-emergent twice a year. This will make it so weeds do not grow on your lot, and it will save you the time and the expense of clearing you lot of weeds in the future. Please call Americas Pest Control at 928-505-8700 for a quote for your lot. You may also use any other licensed weed control service of your choice.

The Lake Havasu City Sewer Dept. has replaced wood and applied paint/stain as necessary on the sewer lift station located at the north end of Deacon Drive.