Since the beginning of the year (2020) there have been ongoing discussions between our Association’s Board of Directors and the Refuge Golf Course Owners. Ideas have been shared about ways to improve both the Golf Course and the Community. In July the Board created a Golf Course Advisory Committee to learn more about the Refuge Golf Course and its condition, both aesthetic and financial. The Board is pleased to have appointed a diverse, talented, and experienced Committee. The Committee Members are: Phil Bracamonte, Chairman, Ben LaParne, Mike Bradley, Ken Goddard, Members, and Robin Callaway, Board Representative.

The Committee has met with the Golf Course Owners many times and is currently exploring ideas that could be of mutual benefit. In the near future these ideas will be presented to both Refuge Property Owners and Golf Course Owners. Importantly, it is the Board’s position that any direct financial support or ownership participation of the Association in the Golf Course would require the full support of Refuge Property Owners.

The Board and Golf Course Committee look forward to being able to present options to both Property Owners and Golf Course Owners that can make the entire Refuge Community an even better place to live and play.