A new strategy is being implemented to address the POA common area weeds throughout the entire Community.  Previously, a preventative approach was being used for only a few areas in the Community, and we relied on extra services or our landscape maintenance company to react to removing them once they were established in the remaining areas.   With the recent rains, the early and severe onset of weeds has influenced the decision to take a more robust permanent preventative approach throughout the entire Community.

Immediate Containment:

Americas Pest Control has been hired to spray all Refuge POA common areas as a means to contain the current weed issue.  That will all be done within the next 2-3 weeks.

Permanent Strategy:

As a more permanent solution going forth, Americas Pest Control has been contracted to apply pre-emergent treatments to all the common areas every six months to prevent the seeds from germinating so the weeds won’t grow in these areas in the future.  Should weeds grow in these areas in the future, top killing the weeds will be covered under the contract warranty.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to Amy, or one of the members of the landscape committee members.

Please remember to keep your lots clear of weeds!  Violation notices are sent out when lots accumulate weeds.  The weeds must be removed (completely cleared) from the lot.  Weeds just sprayed and left to die on a lot leaves a continued unkept appearance for others to look at, and as the weeds dry up, they create a debris problem as they blow around the community.  The Association highly recommends each owner invest in a Pre-Emergent Program to have your lot sprayed every 6 months so that weeds do not grow on your lot.  The cost savings of the Pre-Emergent is usually cheaper than paying someone to clear your lot of weeds several times a year.

Please contact America’s Pest Control at (928) 505-8700 to receive a bid for a Pre-Emergent Program.