The Design Review Committee reviews and approves all architectural and landscaping designs for The Association.  Amy Telnes, Association Manager serves as the committee secretary and is the contact person for routine DRC matters.  Her phone number is 928-505-1120.  The Design Review Committee meets the SECOND TUESDAY of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the office of Amy Telnes Management Services located at 2563 Kiowa Blvd.

All plans to be reviewed must be received by the Association no later than 5:00 P.M. on the 25th of the each month prior to the next meeting.  This will allow the Committee Members to receive copies of plans for advance preview and properly prepare for the Meeting.

Please use the following Checklists and Design Guidelines to ensure everything required is contained on your plans before submitting:

Home Plan Checklist

Landscaping Plan Checklist

Exterior Color Change Form

Design Review Guidelines

Design Guideline Changes Adopted 11-22-2015

Design Guideline Changes Adopted 4-16-2016

Pre-approved Exterior Color Schemes

View Corridor and Setbacks Book

Shared Property Line Wall Agreement

Variance Requests:

If any waivers or variances are requested, the Design Review Committee shall review the request. If approved by the Committee, the Committee’s recommendation will be: 1) sent to the Association’s Board of Directors for review, 2) sent to affected neighboring property owners, and 3) posted to the Association’s website. If no objection is made by any Property THE REFUGE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Policy and Procedure Handbook 22 Owner or Board Member to the Committee’s recommendation, then the recommendation shall become effective after thirty (30) days. In the event any Property Owner objects to the Committee’s recommendation, then the Board of Directors shall make a final determination whether to approve or disapprove the request

1. Posted 9/22/2021

1732 E. Tradition Lane:

Request to increase the pad height from  584’ to  591’

Committee Approval 9/14/2021

Board of Directors Notified 9/22/2021

Effected Property Owners Notified 9/22/2021

Expiration Date:  10/22/2021

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2. Posted 11/15/2021

3274 N. Latrobe:

Request to reduce right side setbacks from 15 feet to 10 feet.

Request to add a 2nd story loft

Committee Approval 11/9/2021

Board of Directors Notified 11/14/2021

Effected/Adjacent Property Owners Notified 11/14/2021

Expiration Date:  12/15/2021

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