The Refuge POA
                                             (property owners association)
The Refuge Community Association - Welcome 

CLICK HERE to view the Arizona Superior Court Ruling from Judge Jantzen dated January 6, 2017
CLICK HERE to view the Arizona Court of Appeals Award to the Association for an additional $130,000.00 in attorney fees dated January 5, 2017
CLICK HERE to view the Decision of the Court from the Arizona Court of Appeals
CLICK HERE to view the Denial of the Motion for Clarification & Reconsideration from the Arizona Court of Appeals.

The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held
 Saturday February 11th, 2017 at 10:00 A.M. 
at The London Bridge Resort
(there will be a Board Meeting held directly after the Annual Meeting)

There is one Board Member Seat up in 2017
We have 2 Candidates:

    Robin "Rob" Callaway          and          Glenn Nudelman
            Click Here to view Candidate Statement                                Click Here to view Candidate Statement
Important Election Dates to Remember:
1/28/2017:  Candidate Forum 9:00 A.M. - Location to be Announced.
2/11/2017:   the date of the Annual Meeting where Ballots will be counted and results will be announced.

The Refuge Community is a gated development comprised of 360 homesites and located about 4 miles north of Lake Havasu City, AZ just off London Bridge Road and immediately west of the Desert Hills village. There are two entrances, North and South, both located on the horeshoe shaped Arnold Palmer Drive.  The South entrance is shared with The Refuge Golf and Country Club.  The North entrance accesses only the residential community.

The Refuge Community Association is governed by a board of directors (BOD) comprised of five owners.  The governing documents include its Articles of Incorporation, "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions" (CC&R's), ByLaws, and Design Guidelines.  Additionally, the BOD has enacted a list of Rules
which, along with the governing documents, all owners and renters are required to follow. The philosophy behind all our rules and regulations is to promote the serenity, architectural beauty and peacefulness that our community and its surrounding areas provide.  The responsibility for compliance with all rules and regulations lies with the owners although the rules apply equally to all tenants and guests.  It is essential that each owner familiarize themself with these rules and regulations. Your cooperation in supporting these rules will contribute to the protection of the rights and privileges of all.  Any violation of these governing documents, rules and regulations should be reported immediately to the Association's Manager, our Security Officer or to the President of the Association.

The operation of the association is funded by dues paid by each lot owner.  The number of lots for which dues is currently being paid is 338. Currently the dues amount is $372.00 per quarter per lot.  Quarterly assessments can be paid by Automatic Withdrawal (ACH)  Click here to view the ACH form and processing instructions.

The POA is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all common areas and for enforcing maintenance for all privately owned lots. One of the major issues is vacant lot maintenance.  This includes gravel installation and upkeep and weed control.  Vehicle traffic on vacant lots is prohibited because it pushes the gravel into the soil and breaks the crusted seal which keeps the dirt from blowing.  Each  lot owner should ensure that their lot is sprayed with pre-emergent chemicals twice per year. If this is done through reputable weed control service providers they will remove any weeds that subsequently appear.  The association is willing to contract for weed control services and pass through the costs to lot owners on a pro-rata basis. This procedure will both reduce the cost and ensure that all lots are sprayed on a timely basis.  If an owner allows weeds to reach maturity they are also responsible for removing the seed-bearing plants from their lot(s). 

If an owner sees any maintenance item on the association's common areas(streets, gates, lights, drainage or landscaping) that needs to be taken care of they should contact the Association Manager or the responsible Board Member.

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